Driver Testimonials

What Our Drivers Have To Say

Read testimonials from Falcon drivers.

“I’m not an employee number or a truck number. I am Shawn Jackson from Pennsylvania with three boys and a dog. Kris knows me and I know him and his family. He is someone that I can reach at any hour of the day or night. He knows exactly what drivers face daily on the road away from home and your family. You’re not put on hold, you are put FIRST. Being a new driver, or an experienced driver, you have enough things on your mind like 80 thousand pounds. Having someone to help you at the push of a button helps put you at ease. Falcon also has one of the best fleet managers that keeps you moving.”

“I like working for Falcon because they are attentive to any issues I may have and resolve them quickly. They understand the business and know how to help me maximize my profits and do everything in their power to help with that.”

“I enjoy working with Falcon because of the opportunities that Falcon offers and the personal relationship that I have with the Falcon family.”